Tasmania Grants Awarded for National Science Week 2024

  • by National Office
  • 8 June, 2024
Tasmania Grants Awarded for National Science Week 2024

The Tasmanian National Science Week Coordinating Committee and Inspiring Tasmania have awarded 17 Tasmanian National Science Week Engagement Grants to support individuals and organisations who will deliver a public science, technology, engineering, maths or medicine (STEMM) themed activity as part of the National Science Week festival.

This year, Engagement grants were available to support 1) a public STEM engagement event/activity or 2) to support a program of STEM events/activities delivered outside of the Greater Hobart area.

Congratulations to the grant recipients!


Australian Association for Environmental Education
Blackmans Bay Marine Science Excursion

A field trip to Blackmans Bay Beach for recent migrants to Tasmania to learn about the plants and animals associated with the marine environment, threats such as microplastics and how to measure them, how to reduce plastic/litter entering the environment, and to be inspired by the marine environment.

Australian Association for Environmental Education
Nature Journalling

A hands-on nature illustration and journalling workshop.

Bookend Trust
Discovering Call Trackers

Discover a wonderland of night-time wildlife sounds – from bat chirps to bittern booms – and help the conservation science. Sign up for a gentle introduction to CallTrackers’ wildlife acoustic monitoring project: workshops in 5 libraries across Tasmania or online.

Casey Garrett Consulting
STEM Afternoon Tea

A STEM-filled afternoon tea with hands-on experiments.

Circular Head Council
The Circular Head Science Gig

The Circular Head Science Gig is shaping up to be one of our best yet! With amazing displays, new exhibitors, lots of experiments and hands-on activities for all the family it will be a fun-filled night of all things science. Get your team ready for the MacGyver Challenge and come along! 

Dr Penny Jones
Exhale: the Art and Science of Relaxation

Join Penny Jones, Harry Edwards & Isaac Gee for a deep dive into the art and science of relaxation! We’ll both learn about, and experience, deep rest by weaving scientific story, music therapy, breathing, and yoga to stimulate your ‘rest and digest’ nervous system response. Tea & snacks to finish!

Inala Nature Tours
The Science of Selecting, Planting and Establishing Trees

Including tree biology 101 & an introduction to the principles of soil science, the workshop will be a combination of lecture, slides, specimens & hands-on practicals. Presented by Judy Fakes who has over 30 years experience teaching theoretical & practical aspects of arboriculture and soil science

Latrobe Council
The Science of Chocolate at Chocolate Winterfest

Have you ever wondered why some chocolate bars get white spots or lose their shine, why it has a distinctive “snap” when you bite into it, what light, reflection and physics have to do with chocolate and how those amazing chocolate sculptures are created? Join Chloe Nelson as she explains it all.

Meander Valley Council
The Enchanting World of Slime Moulds and Other Hidden Gems

This inspiring exhibition features numerous specimens and stunning photographs that capture the enchanting world of slime moulds found in a eucalypt forest in Northern Tasmania. These will be displayed alongside informative pictorial panels celebrating numerous species of flora, fauna and funga.

Nipaluna Nursery
By Gum: Healing Country, East Coast Field Day

A day field trip to three spectacular Tasmanian East Coast properties showcasing positive stories of landscape recovery, saving threatened species, covenants and giving back to Aboriginal custodians. Meet researchers, land managers, scientists and volunteers. Includes practical planting at Wind Song.

Nipaluna Nursery
Wild Food: Tasmanian Natives on the Menu

Join us for a wild food adventure where we explore, cook, taste and grow the delicious Tasmanian flavours of nature, from land and sea! With Rees Campbell author of Eat Wild Tasmanian and Seaweed Supplement, seaweed scientist Dr Helen Fitton and Nipaluna Nursery. 

Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
The BIG Day of Science at QVMAG

From live virtual zoo tours or getting up close and personal with residents of the Tasmanian Reptile Park, to the beloved Make It Place craft station, Planetarium screenings, hands-on and interactive science activities and more–this is one BIG fun-filled day of science not to be missed!

Sustainability Learning Centre
STEM in the North East

STEM opportunities. Community members are invited to join us from 3:30 – 5:00pm to engage with citizen science, housing design, energy, waste, loose parts, and many other hands-on learning opportunities.

Tasmanian Land Conservancy
Camera Trap Chronicles: A photo exhibition of Tassie’s wildlife

Ever wondered what Tassie’s wildlife gets up to when no one’s watching? Explore the Tasmanian Land Conservancy’s camera trap photo exhibition. Captured by WildTracker citizen scientists and landholders from across the state, these photos reveal the hidden lives of our very special wildlife. 

Dr Tiana Pirtle
The Vaginal Vignettes

Think the vagina is a simple tube? Think again! See wacky and wild tales of female animal reproductive anatomy and behaviour come to life on stage.

University of Tasmania
The Science of Brewing

Join this beer competition with two fermentation scientists and a brewer to learn more about the “Science of Brewing” 

Wildcare Friends of larapuna coast
The larapuna/Bay of Fires Community Weekend

Join for one or more day-long working beach walks on the spectacular larapuna / Bay of Fires coastline to share, learn about and help conserve it’s cultural and natural values.

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