Science Week Gets Virtual

  • by Science Week Team
  • 16 August, 2018
Science Week Gets Virtual

Participating in Science Week can be an immersive experience – with all the senses stimulated – the bang of a hydrogen balloon explosion, the squelch of oobleck, the taste of a fine wine, the smell of echidna scat, the visual and emotional inspiration of seeing new wonder dawning on faces…

But there are plenty of opportunities to take it another step – virtual reality experiences can be found all across the country as we explore new worlds and environments that we’ve never been able to enter before.

Some fantastic events have already taken place such as Explore VR and Robotics in Gilberton, Adelaide, where visitors were welcome to drop in and explore the world of virtual reality and robotics and the potential future together they bring.

The Corals in the Outback – Sustainability Tour has brought a virtual reality experience of the reef to the doorsteps of inland regional Queensland including Longreach, Mt Isa (today!), with Cloncurry and Winton still to come. The project includes presentations and coral samples alongside the interactive CoralWatch display with virtual reality to experience the underwater world in 360 degrees surroundings. The reef displays are still available to check out at the Longreach library for the next couple of weeks.

The Immersive Science II: Revealing the Invisible Universe project kicked off on Sunday 12 August with a launch event with Prof Alan Duffy and Dr Rebecca Allen at the State Library of Victoria with 5 satellite events simultaneously joining in too from around Victoria. It was a fantastic experience in using virtual reality to explore science that is invisible to the naked eye – from the outer reaches of the cosmos to the tiny world of the microcosmos. The second livestream event is happening tonight(!) from 6.30pm Thursday 16 August with events in Bendigo, Richmond, Maryborough, Mornington, Whittlesea, Swan Hill, Daylesford, and Emerald. You can also participate tonight at home by downloading the SciVR app and watching the livestreamed video online.

There are lots more opportunities to get your reality virtually in the remainder of Science Week – so take a step into a whole new world and get involved!

Animal Logic Academy: the early years – UTS Library, Sydney, NSW
An exhibition showcasing student projects from Animal Logic Academy’s initial two years, including a CGI animation, AR and VR experiences and a PhD research project. Wednesday 8 – Friday 24 August

Starlight Science Fair – Snug Primary School, Snug, TAS
An astronomical society will provide an interpretation and viewings of the night sky for the community. VR glasses will be available for a space experience. Friday 17 August

How to make gold – Australian International Gravitational Observatory (AIGO) Yeal, WA
Amongst other fascinating activities around gold, participate in a virtual reality experience of neutron star collisions using OzGrav’s specially designed VR experience with cardboard and a mobile phone. Saturday 18 – Sunday 19 August

Antarctica VR Sneak Peak – Claremont Showgrounds, Claremont, WA
Get a sneak peak of this VR experience where you’ll spend a day in the life of an Antarctic explorer. See the work that goes into understanding climate change, managing eco-systems and conserving wildlife. This full length VR adventure can be seen exclusively at the WA Maritime Museum in September. Saturday 18 – Sunday 19 August

Game Plus Fest: National Science Week Canberra Technology Park, ACT
This special edition of Game Plus Fest is a celebration of game changers, change makers, and game makers through STEM stalls and talks. We’re combining with the AIE Open Day to bring you more! Discover STEM, games, gamification, VR, AR and more – even learn how to make games yourself! Sunday 19 August

Practically Virtual – Museum of Human Disease, UNSW, NSW
From helping people feel more comfortable with medical procedures to making sense of statistics, the Museum of Human Disease will be showcasing VR programs used by researchers today. Come and try these programs out for yourself and find out how they’re helping scientists in their research. Sunday 19 August
This event is also touring, with Practically Virtual in Dubbo Macquarie Regional Library, Dubbo, NSW. Friday 24 August

Food from the Sea – Marine Discovery Centre, Henley, SA
Visitors will observe marine creatures in our large aquaria and will utilise our new Touchscreen and video-microscope activities. We also have a new virtual reality (VR) experiences featuring diving with a leafy sea dragon and sea lions, and at Henley Beach Jetty. Wednesday 22 – Friday 24 August

VR Fun @ the Rockhampton Cultural Festival – Rockhampton Heritage Village, QLD
Rockhampton Regional Libraries will be hosting a Virtual Reality (VR) drop-in session at the Rockhampton Cultural Festival. Visit the Library stall to experience and learn about the amazing world Virtual Reality (VR). Bring along your smartphone to participate in this activity with a give-away VR cardboard headset. Learn how to take 360 degree photos and then view them with the VR headset. Saturday 25 August

Virtual Reality – get interactive – Adelaide City Library, SA
The Adelaide City Libraries offer a range of Virtual Reality experiences to discover through a variety of equipment and programs, including travelling to the moon, exploring the human body and creating 3D artworks. Monday 20 August and Monday 27 August

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