Science Meets Arts

  • by Science Week Team
  • 13 August, 2017
Science Meets Arts

National Science Week 2017 once again sees many science and art events across the whole country.

Shirty Science launched on Thursday night at a packed event in Canberra city. Paired artists and scientists met earlier in the year via a ‘speed-dating’ event with 60 seconds to impress a potential collaborator.

Dr James Gilbert said it was ‘love at first sight’ with his artist collaborator Lachlan Pini who designed a cartoon shirt personifying the tiny ‘Starbug’ robots (designed by the Australian Astronomical Observatory), sunbaking in the light gathered from distant stars.

It was important to the pair that the science was accurate too – and the final design incorporates real Australian data. Lachlan stated that his eyes had been opened to a cool area of science he never realised existed and strongly recommends other artists to seek inspiration from the sciences.

This year, organiser Madison Hartill-Law has expanded the programme bigger than ever with 16 unique shirt designs for National Science Week. Even if you can’t get to City Walk in Canberra, you can still vote for your favourite design and even order a shirt of your own at (

Co-Lab, another science meets art event in Canberra, pairs artists and early-career researchers to conceptualise the scientists’ discoveries via street art. The artists all completed their works with the scientists present to talk with the public about their research. Event organiser, Lee Constable, was happy to see the artworks take shape and pleased with the breadth of science disciplines that have been represented to date.

The event has grown in popularity over the last three years with scientists and artists alike – one Melbourne-based artist even drove all the way to Canberra just to get involved. The Co-Lab artworks will be on display for the next 12 months near the Old Bus Depot, Kingston, ACT ( |

There are many more science and arts events throughout the week all over the country – we’ve linked to a few below, or check out our events calendar to find one near you.


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