Logos & Graphics

Make your event look the part

National Science Week Logos

These logos are provided in large and small sizes. The small ones are for online use should be used at the sizes provided and not be resized. The larger ones are for online or print use and are able to be displayed at a smaller size and still look acceptable. None of the logos or graphics should be distorted by squeezing or stretching them.

The logos are available in two layouts – as a horizontal (inline) version and as a vertical (stacked) version, with white and black background versions of each.

The National Science Week logo should be included on all materials produced for the week.

Our Style Guide (5.2 MB, pdf) provides tips and guidance on using the logos and the science characters.

The vector eps files are generally used by graphics professionals. They can be scaled to any size. The white or black background tiles can be removed in Illustrator if needed.

You can also download all (9.7 MB, zip) of the logos and artwork below.

There is also a bundle of letterhead, guides and templates for event holders to download (20.7 MB, zip).

Australian Government Initiative + Inspiring Australia

We ask that National Science Week events that have received funding from the Australian Government acknowledge the support by using the combined Australian Government Initiative + Inspiring Australia logo in addition to a National Science Week logo and the following text:

“This Inspiring Australia initiative is supported by the Australian Government as part of National Science Week.”


“This National Science Week project is supported by the Australian Government”.