National Science Week is an annual collaboration of national partners, event holders and volunteers.


ABC Science were a foundation partner of National Science Week in 1997, and have been involved ever since.

In 1998 ABC Science created the first website for National Science Week, and they produced and hosted our website for many years afterwards.

Each year the ABC produces a national online science project, and they present a wide range of special science related content across their broadcast and digital channels.

Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA)

The Australian Science Teachers Association are a foundation partner of National Science Week, which was established in 1997 as an extension of ASTA's long-running Science Week in Schools initiative.

Each year, ASTA produces a teacher resource book to help support and assist teachers in providing engaging science activities for their students. The book is based, each year, on the National Science Week school theme chosen for that year and is always packed with information, classroom activities, experiments, diagrams, photographs and websites.


Australia's research agency has had a variety of roles over the history of National Science Week, including custodianship of the state and territory coordinating committees for many years. As well as staging and participating in public and school events across the country, CSIRO hold an annual two-day planning meeting for the Science Week partners and committees, and the upkeep of the National Science Week website.