New Speakers for The Indigenous Science Experience @ The Australian Museum

  • by david harrington
  • 2 August, 2012
New Speakers for The Indigenous Science Experience @ The Australian Museum

The Indigenous Science Experience @ the Australian Musem is proud to announce that the following group will be presenting at our Friday the 10th event at the Australian Museum.

This is a wonderful opportunity to hear about the process behind the creation of this acclaimed plan of management in a sensitive and culturally important landscape. The group will present at the Australian Museum at 2:00pm, for a half hour with time for questions and feedback afterwards.

Our Mountain Story: Working Together to care for our Yuin Mountain Parks

We wish to share with you our story of how we have worked in partnership as Aboriginal Owners of Gulaga and Biamanga National Parks, with a range of other agencies to express our dreams and hopes for our sacred Mountains.

This is a story of sharing, learning from young and old, creating pathways that are helped by both our cultural and traditional knowledge and science.

We developed our management plan for the Mountains to reflect our connection to the Mountains as Aboriginal owners’, spiritual and otherwise, and to have this show in ongoing management. We also expressed this connection in ways beyond words and paper with story telling workshops, art workshops (including poetry, drawings and paintings), and gatherings on the Mountains, exploring with owners “Why the Mountains call us back”.

We are proud as the Boards of Management to have written the draft plan which has resulted, and it is one of the most important things that we have done so far.

Guest post by David Harrington, Macquarie University.

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