National Science Week in the ACT

  • by National Office
  • 1 August, 2016
National Science Week in the ACT

A week of fun, science and wonder in the CAN!

National Science Week is just around the corner and the ACT is already buzzing with excitement! This year’s edition is bringing back your favourites shows and events, from science extravaganza to movie festivals and behind the scene tours.

Science in ACTion (12-13 August, Old Bus Depot, Kingston) is even bigger, bolder and better this year, with drones, droids and everything robots! Dr Graham is touring the ACT (and beyond!) with his excitingly fun Gas What? and Extraordinary Science with Ordinary Stuff shows.

Why not spend an evening enjoying some of your favourite movies at the Palace Electric, this time with a science-cy eye? You could also explore the Universe at Mt Stromlo, learn about the secret history of space travel with Amy Shira Teitel. Or what about discovering Canberra’s bettongs, the fluffiest and cutest “environment engineers”, at Mulligans Flat?

But that’s not all! This year, National Science Week in the ACT is bringing you more fun, more excitement, more science and more wonder!

Have you ever wondered what scientists like to do when they are not busy sciencing? Wonder no more, Duality is here to show you what hides behind the lab coat! Explore the connections between art and science at Glass & Science Night: meet artists, see them in action. Would you like to hone your physics puns skills while learning about lasers, quantum mechanics or astronomy? Then Physics in the Pub is made for you!

Wonder what play dough, toothbrushes and robots have in common? Register for an Electronics workshop at Canberra Innovation Network and find out! Or discover the amazing LEGO robots created at the YWCA Canberra Tech Time. Watch two teams of five young women compete during a breathtaking finale at the YWCA Canberra’s Tuggeranong Hyperdome space!

Have you ever dreamed of creating your very own chocolate mould? Or your own gin? Would you like to make your clothes change colour in reaction to sound? If so, the Creative Element’s workshops for National Science Week are made for you!

Do you know a girl aged 10-16 interested in science or discovery? Then Greenlight for Girls Day is an event not to miss! With interactive, hands-on workshops run by scientists and community leaders, Greenlight for Girls Day is an inspiring and fun way to learn more about science careers!

Are we alone in the Universe? How did life begin on Earth? If these questions keep you awake at night (or even if they don’t!), you don’t want to miss The Restless Hunt for Life at the Australian Academy of Science!

What will you be doing in Canberra this National Science Week? Visit to find out!

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