Marine life exposed – under the lens at Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary

  • by National Office
  • 28 May, 2015
Marine life exposed – under the lens at Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary

Fish swimming past seaweedThe Marine Education Science and Community Centre (MESAC) is a new venture for citizen science based at Beaumaris Yacht Club on the foreshore of Ricketts Point marine sanctuary at Beaumaris.

With partners from the marine volunteer community group, marine park manager Parks Victoria, researchers from RMITU and Melbourne Universities, Gould League educators and local government, MESAC will deliver an engaging 9 days of marine science events and activities at Ricketts Point marine sanctuary.

MESAC offers a series of free presentations and activities covering key aspects of science and research, natural history and management of Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary and Port Phillip Bay.

High quality and engaging sessions will be delivered by experts across many subjects: marine research, geology and fossil beds, foreshore plants, Port Phillip Bay history, Aboriginal Heritage and the role of citizen science and how to participate.

The expo of events will raise the profile of MESAC the (Marine Education Science and Community Centre) a new venture to re-build the Beaumaris Yacht Club into a multi-user community facility on the foreshore of the marine sanctuary.

A full program of themed days will run over two weekends: 15-16 and 22-23 August and the weekdays 17-19 August.

Topics include the pre-history of Beaumaris’ geology and fossils dating back 5.5 million years, information about issues and threats to the marine environment, and a session exploring the marine and coastal programs supported by volunteers.

The weekend sessions run from 9.30am-12.30pm. The weekend sessions are followed by a foreshore or beach walk covering the coastal environment, fossil history and inter-tidal rockpools.

During the weekdays there will be morning presentations between 10 – 11 am for a range of topics including:

  • Friends of Native Wildlife presenting about Bayside’s 10 species of microbats;
  • an opportunity to learn about birdlife along the Ricketts Point coast and rock platforms;
  • the Bushland Coastal Crew presenting on the indigenous flora and fauna;
  • an understanding of the rich Aboriginal history provided by local experts; and
  • the final weekday event will see avid photographer and regular Banksia Bulletin contributor Pauline Reynolds help improve knowledge of wildlife photography.

The Gould League will also be running a number of school sessions through its Sea Search Ramble Program during the week.

More information on each of the events and bookings are essential.

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