Explore the Seafloor almost over

  • by National Office
  • 28 August, 2013
Explore the Seafloor almost over

Explore the Seafloor and be an online citizen scientistMore than 225 000 seafloor photos have been studied by citizen scientists so far. There are now less than 4 days to go!

Citizen scientists have until midday this Monday 2 September to study more kelp photos. The sea urchin photos have now all been done.

New participants can join now at www.exploretheseafloor.net.au

The response to Explore the Seafloor has been phenomenal and 225 000 photos have been analysed by more than 8000 people who participated throughout August.

More than 41% of participants were under 18, but the age groups involved ranged right up to “Over 79”.

The average number of images studied per person was 68 and highest number of images analysed by one person was 4004!

Kylie Andrews from ABC Science is the Producer of the Explore the Seafloor project. Kylie has produced more than 12 citizen science projects for ABC Science and National Science Week since 1999:

“This has been such an engaging and popular project! It shows the power of crowd-sourcing to do real work that researchers would have had to do and at the same time it’s fun, easy enough for children yet interesting enough for people at all levels to get involved. The scientists behind Explore the Seafloor are thrilled with how well it’s going and how generously the community has volunteered their time to assist with this important research.

There are a few days left – so it will be great to see what the final number of photos is by midday Monday.”

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