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Would you like flies with that?

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  • Robert Townson High School
    19 Shuttleworth Avenue, Raby NSW 2566, Australia

Activity 1: Garden Space - Students will plant two gardens: a veggie patch and a bush tucker garden. The approximate size of the garden space will be 5m x 4.5m. Students will have the opportunity to work with industry professionals from Campbelltown Bunnings. 

Activity 2: Future Foods Program - With assistance from Year 10 student volunteers, Year 6 students will observe insects using stereo microscopes, watch a short video on edible insects and create new recipes that use insects as a protein alternative. Finally, if students and teachers choose to, they can taste test an edible cricket! 

Activity 3: Classroom - All students in years 7-10 will engage in activities and experiments that will encourage students to investigate Future Farming and sustainability. Students will investigate the impact current farming has on the environment and evaluate its sustainability in comparison to insect farming. Students will use Circle Harvest (Australia) as a case study.

Activity 4: Edible Insects - Students will have the opportunity to taste test various insects, including crickets, mealworms, ants and scorpions. In addition, there will be a guessing competition. Finally, the week will finish with a final feast.