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The Science and Culture of Bulukminy, the File Snake

  • - (ACST)
  • Ramingining
    8 Warrk Rd Ramingining, Ramingining NT 0822, Australia

In the rich biodiversity of the Arafura Swamp, we find the fascinating file snake (Acrochordus arafurae). This harmless, completely aquatic snake has quite unique biology. In our region, one of the local names for file snakes is Bulukminy. The Bulukminy are culturally important and a valuable source of bush meat.

Join us on a field trip during Science Week to discover the biology and cultural importance of Bulukminy. Contribute to scientific research by helping rangers, teachers and students to harvest samples of Bulukminy.

After the field trip, we will send the collected samples to a lab at Charles Darwin University. First Nations students from northeast Arnhem Land will assist in analysing the samples for nutrients. Afterwards, rangers, Traditional Landowners and Elders will incorporate the results into a poster. The posters will be returned to the Ramingining school and community, and launched with a presentation from rangers and students.

This event is a celebration of the 2024 National Science Week School Theme of “Species Survival – More Than Just Sustainability”. This Both-Way Science Project is a partnership between the ASRAC rangers, Ramingining School Learning on Country and Charles Darwin University.