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The Art and Science of Taxidermy: Mammals

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  • WA Museum Boola Bardip
    Perth Cultural Centre, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Learn industry techniques in this four-day bat taxidermy workshop


Under the expert guidance of Teori Shannon, this workshop teaches the process of mammal preservation. Participants learn a variety of museum techniques including skinning, fleshing, preserving & tanning, and mounting a complete specimen, reading reference materials, creating custom forms/armatures by using body binding technique, assembling their specimens and grooming and finishing the pieces in a life like manner. You will also learn advanced techniques such as creating death-masks and moulding & casting head forms in order to make both 3D references and provide an incredibly accurate facial structure.

The nature of mammal taxidermy is unique, students will find this is course to be sculpting-centered with a large attention to muscle detail. Learning techniques used in museums, and advanced methods for accuracy on specimens.


Specimens will include bats and sugar gliders. At the end of the workshop participants will take home a finished specimen.   

·        This workshop is suitable for seasoned artists as well as curious beginners over the age of 15. 

·         Participants are encouraged to bring along a pencil or pen and a notepad.

·         All students will be provided with the correct PPE while processing these animals and specimens are ethically sourced. 


Please note: Chemicals used include ethanol, Formalin, and enamel paint. All materials are supplied and ethically sourced where possible.