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STEM for at-risk youth

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  • TLK Youth College
    78W Shannon Pde, Berkeley Vale NSW 2261, Australia

TKL Youth College plans to host a Conduct a STEM experiment and demonstration day during National Science Week for our youth, who are across years 9-12. The Science students will explore a range of ideas and processes, so that they can kinesthetically learn and grow and interact with the STEM space creatively and uniquely. Students will have the chance to research and locate experiments that interest them and then independently and collaboratively work on these throughout Science week, as we host our STEM day! Parents and community members will be invited to participate and show their support too. The students will be indoors and outdoors to showcase their talents and interests, which will be designed to give them autonomy to expand, play, query and learn. Our students struggle to engage with the every day curriculum and to have them get hands on and excited with Science will have a significant impact on their lives. Showing them the wonders of STEM will allow them to grow, think, ask, wonder, probe and investigate.