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SCI-FI: Mythologies Transformed

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  • Science Gallery Melbourne
    114 Grattan Street, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia

SCI-FI: Mythologies Transformed offers fresh insights on science fiction – a genre built on envisioning alternative futures and imaginary realms.


The lines connecting science fiction with ancient philosophy and mythologies are brought to light by Asian artists and collectives. Shown in Australia for the first time, this narrative is expanded to incorporate First Nations perspectives and knowledges.   

This free exhibition features contemporary artworks, historical artefacts, books and cinema from both Asia and the West. As diverse voices gain prominence, the genre of science fiction is slowly evolving. SCI-FI celebrates the dream worlds, futuristic visions and fantastical realities of artists calling for a more inclusive future.  

Showing at Science Gallery at the University of Melbourne, where art and science collide.


Image credit: Miko No Inori (1996) by Mariko Mori (JP).