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Nature's Custodians: Science and Culture for Conservation

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  • Nawarddeken Academy
    Mamadawerre, Mamadawerre NT 0822, Australia

Join a two-day workshop to explore the importance of biodiversity and conservation.

Nature's Custodians: Science and Culture for Conservation is a two-day workshop for school-aged students and community members of the Nawarddeken Academy. The workshop focuses on the 2024 Schools Theme 'Species Survival – More Than Just Sustainability'. The workshop emphasises the importance of biodiversity and the interplay of scientific and traditional Indigenous knowledge in conservation efforts. 

This workshop will be in 2 locations during National Science Week in the remote communities of Mamadawerre and Manmoyi. Each workshop runs for 2 days.

Day One

Day One will begin with an introduction to species survival, featuring guest speakers from Warddeken Land Management. Guest Speakers include ecology specialists and Bininj and Daluk rangers.

Participants will explore thematic stations delving into ecosystem interdependencies, genetics, and technological innovations in conservation. They will learn all about human impacts on ecosystems. There will be DNA extraction activities, and opportunities to use drones to monitor wildlife habitats.

The first afternoon will be full of hands-on workshops. Participants will build native animal habitats, plant native flora and a plant a bush garden with support from Bininj rangers.

Day Two

Day Two will focus on collaborative project design. Participants will develop and present conservation-focused projects aligned to Warddeken Land Management’s Plan of Management.

Workshops will guide participants to citizen science project plans with conservation technologies currently used across the IPA. The projects, aiming to enhance local conservation efforts, will culminate in a commitment ceremony. This ceremony will reinforce the community's dedication to biodiversity preservation. 

This interactive workshop is designed to foster a deep connection with nature. It will empower participants with conservation skills, and enhance community involvement in sustainable practices.