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Nature Quest Adventure

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  • Pacific Lutheran College
    Woodlands Boulevard, Meridan Plains QLD 4551, Australia

The Nature Quest Adventure at Pacific Lutheran College is an inclusive event spanning five lunchtimes, involving all students from kindergarten to grade 12. Taking place in the library as the central hub, this immersive experience combines a scavenger hunt and bird feeder making activity, igniting excitement and unity among participants.

Students embark on a thrilling journey through diverse ecosystems within the school grounds. The scavenger hunt challenges their nature knowledge as they uncover hidden images or facts about various species. Each discovery is accompanied by a riddle or puzzle, enhancing critical thinking skills and teamwork. From the jungle's roar to the flutter of wings, every clue deepens their understanding of the natural world.

Following the hunt, students transition to the bird feeder workshop, engaging in hands-on learning. Using simple materials, they craft feeders, learning about habitat provision. As feeders are hung up, students eagerly await feathered visitors, witnessing the impact of their conservation efforts.

The Nature Quest Adventure fosters environmental stewardship and appreciation for life's interconnectedness among students of all ages. It leaves a lasting impact on the school community, inspiring a love for nature and conservation.

Location Information

Students will meet in the Library space