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National Science Week at Hunter Region Botanic Gardens

  • - (AEST)
  • Hunter Region Botanic Gardens
    2100 Pacific Highway, Heatherbrae NSW 2324, Australia

The Hunter Region Botanic Gardens has an exciting line-up for National Science Week.

Receive your science passport when you register at the Information Tent. Then visit each of the 6 science station activities to stamp your passport.

Plant Science - every breath you take .... thank a tree.

Making food from sunlight is a neat trick! find out plants do it and how the rest of the world benefits from the process. This will be presented by Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Ken Page.

Dip-netting - healthy water bugs mean healthy water.

What lurks in the waters of our wetlands? Find out with NPWS Discovery Ranger, Jen. The chemistry of water will dictate how many species of water bugs will live in a body of water. The greater diversity of bugs, the healthier the water is. Find out the chemistry of the water of the wetlands and identify the common water bugs.

Bug hunt - discover our eco-engineers and how they make the Gardens grow.

Insects are changing the environment all the time. Come with experienced eco-guide, Jeannie Lawson, and be amazed at the stories of bugs.

Geology dig - the history of our planet is beneath our feet.

Get ready to get your hands dirty! What minerals make up rocks and soil? Where might we find dinosaur bones and other fossils? The Geoscience Australia team from the Dept of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources will be on hand to answer your questions.

Why filtering water matters - keeping out the bad stuff.

Experiment with what goes down our drains with the team from Hunter Water. Lots of things don't mix with water. Learn how they keep our drinking water safe.

The first inventors - aerodynamics in action.

Innovations in science started thousands of years ago with the indigenous Australians. Boomerangs, spears, shields have all been made with special skill using the laws of physics. Through stories and interactive displays, NPWS Discovery Ranger, Jesse, will relate the history of tools and other implements.