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Magical Science Discoveries

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  • Florence Kindergarten
    15 Beaconsfield Street, Margate QLD 4019, Australia

Magical Discoveries Science Week will consist of daily experiments and discoveries across both of our class groups, with the aim being for the children to use their natural curiosity to build on their previous learnings and discoveries to see how magical the world around them really is.

The children will be given the opportunity to take part in experiments such as making crystals, lava lamps, magic milk, saltwater science and seeing chemical reactions through mixing of different ingredients (e.g. bi-carb and vinegar). As we are situated close to our local beach, we will also be conducting excursions with each class group to, using magnifying glasses, explore the creatures that live there. This combined with observing sea creatures in resin will extend on the children’s understanding of the life cycles of marine creatures. All of these experiments and activities will allow the children to develop their understanding of the magical world we live in, learn more about cause and effect and use their problem-solving skills to make their own predictions and increase their analytical abilities.