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Q and A with Dr Karl

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As we celebrate National Science Week we are kicking off the newly formatted STEM 2024 professional learning series with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki. This year’s National Science Week schools theme is “Species Survival – More Than Just Sustainability”, so get your questions about threatened species, habitats and all manner of living things ready for Dr Karl.

This live and free event is the chance for students to ask Dr Karl the questions they have always wondered about. Dr Karl encourages curiosity and all questions from attendees are welcome.


Join the webinar by registering through the link provided. Once registered you will receive an email with details of how to access the live Q&A webinar.


Do you have an interesting question? Create your own or collaborate with your class and Dr Karl will try to answer as many as time allows during the webinar. Here are the ways to ask your question:

Submit a video: Send your question to us via video. Make it landscape format, ensure you have good lighting, and use a microphone if you have one. Submit your video to

Written submission: Send us an email to

Submit a question live: Teachers will have access to the webinar chat function to pose live questions during the event. Dr Karl will answer as many questions as he can online, however, the Department of Education’s STEM Enrichment and Science Curriculum Team members will be answering Q&A questions in the live chat.  

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