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Knitting With Neuroscience – Meet the Researchers

  • - (AEST)
  • Darling Square Library
    The Exchange, levels 1 and 2, 1 Little Pier St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia

Get hooked on brain science and knitting!  

Hear from four neuroscientists, while raising your knitting needles to create something unique with Neural Knitworks.  

Our researchers will be talking about brain health across your lifespan covering autism, anxiety, epilepsy and sleep. Neural Knitworks will help you stitch a neuron from scratch.  

Ask questions about research and what it's like to be a scientist.  

No experience required. Please bring along your own knitting needles. Guided knitting activity is face-to-face only. Doors open 3:30pm and close 5:30pm. Knitting patterns will be provided to online attendees.

Knit, science, repeat! 

Meet the Researchers from the Brain and Mind Centre

Dr Stela Petkova is a Senior Research Scientist in the Translational Psychopharmacology team at the Brain and Mind Centre. Her current work focuses on drug development for social dysfunction using mouse and rat models. 

Dr Nathan Cross is a researcher at the University of Sydney where he investigates how our sleep changes as we age. He is interested in how sleep works to help us remember things, measuring how different parts of our brain communicate while we sleep to save (remember) or delete (forget) information from our day. 

Dr Vivian Liao is a research-focused academic at the Ion Channel Drug Discovery Lab within the Brain and mind Centre. Currently, she is creating brain organoid models to study severe, untreatable epilepsy.

Dr Anastasia Suraev is a senior researcher in the Healthy Brain Ageing Program at the Brain and Mind Centre. Her research uses brain imaging techniques to examine key clinical features, such as memory and thinking skills, and dementia risk factors, including sleep disturbance.