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Immaculate Heart of Mary Science Week Activities

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  • Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Primary School
    30 Proctor Parade, Sefton NSW 2162, Australia

During Science Week, the students at IHM will be working together on different activities and programs. At the end of the week there will be a Science show to demonstate students learning.

One of the activities will involve students using micro:bits to code a “counter program” in order to meticulously track the number of local wildlife in our school. Stage 3 students will code the device, while younger grades will also use the tracker to keep count of the various species at particular times of the day in order to create a school-wide database. This hands-on, technological approach enables students to directly engage with biodiversity around them and identify the animal species affected by environmental stressors like littering. 

Through this data-driven insight, students will analyse the human impact on our schoolyard ecosystems, focusing on how to encourage protected species and deter invasive pests like the ibis. Reflecting on their findings, they will brainstorm innovative, practical solutions aimed at enhancing the habitat to encourage native animals, with an emphasis on avian species. These solutions might include clean-up initiatives, habitat restoration projects, or educational campaigns to foster respect for local animals. This project not only cultivates coding and analytical skills but will also instil a sense of environmental stewardship, encouraging students to consider how technology can be utilised for conservation efforts, thus promoting a harmonious existence between humans and wildlife.