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Game On

  • - (AEST)
  • Two Mile State School
    288 Bruce Highway, Gmpie QLD 4570, Australia

Learn how science can be fun in the classroom and at home!

Two Mile's ‘GAME ON!’ is a whole-day celebration of National Science Week for students, parents and caregivers. Join a variety of activities within the ‘GAME ON’ stadium throughout the day.

‘GAME ON!’ will facilitated by the year 5/6 students with their classroom teacher’s support and guidance. All the ‘GAME ON!’ activities and experiments will use many safe household products and equipment that can be found around student’s homes such as: scooter boards, hula hoops, pool noodles, plastic balls, washing baskets, brooms, buckets, golf balls, broom handles, pom poms, ping pong balls, balloon, marbles, toy cars, magnets and paper cups etc. This will encourage more science experiments and activities to be carried out in students’ home environments. Activities which require more supervision will be the responsibility of the classroom teacher and/or teacher assistant and parent helpers.

Two Mile’s ‘GAME ON!’ Science Day will include activities and experiments as follows Human Hungry, Hungry Hippo, Ping Pong Drop, Tic-Tac Golf, Pom-Pom Blowing Races, Racing Ramps, Bottle Bowling, NASCAR, marble painting and much, much more!