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FNQ Citizen Science Expo

  • - (AEST)
  • James Cook University, Smithfield Nguma-bada Campus - Ideas Lab
    1/14-88 McGregor Road, Smithfield QLD 4878, Australia

The Citizen Science Expo will share information about the variety of citizen science projects accessible in Far North Queensland. It will demonstrate how individuals and families can actively engage and make meaningful contributions to the preservation of their local environment and ecosystem, particularly in World Heritage Areas. Additionally, we will highlight the role citizen science plays in fostering positive outcomes for the survival of endemic species.

Our intended audience is community-wide, with a marketing strategy that aims to reach all age groups across the community as a way to create increased engagement in science and shift mythologies around science from highly academic, to something all members of the community can become involved in, at varying levels of commitment. In doing so, we hope to meet the Hub’s goals of:

  • connecting citizen science projects with citizens;
  • extending the awareness of the importance of contributing to sustainability outcomes in our local region;
  • making science visible and accessible to all; and
  • building healthy, connected communities.