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Fantastic Fungi

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  • Trinity Grammar Preparatory School
    115-125 The Boulevarde, Strathfeild NSW 2135, Australia

Through this Science Week project, the Pre-K – Year 6 students at Trinity Prep School will step into the shoes of a mycologists, inquiring into the form, change, and connection of mushrooms.

 Mushrooms play a vital role in nature’s balance, through their ability to recycling nutrients, essential for the survival of many species. Through this mushroom grow project the students will learn about the power of a mushroom and their impact on the ecosystem.

 What will this project look like;

  • Introduction to Fungi – A brief overview into the world of fungi, define, understand and appreciate. 
  • Hands on Cultivation – Using mushroom grow kits students will take responsibility of growing their own mushrooms, monitoring growth conditions and observing the life cycle from spore to eatable mushroom. Witnessing first had the power of adaption and resilience as a mushroom thrives in diverse conditions.
  • Environmental Impact – Research and inquiry, students will explore the environmental impact and benefit of mushrooms, highlighting its suitability and benefits to other life forms.
  • Celebration Chefs – Celebrate the success of our new mushroom growth the students will cook a tasty, healthy treat.

 Through this cultivating mushroom project, the students will gain a deeper appreciation for biodiversity in this enriching Science Week activity.