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  • The CORRIDOR Project
    2997 Darbys Falls Road, Wyangala NSW 2808, Australia

ERTHWRX24 is a multi-day community event of panel-talks, exhibitions, presentations, performances, installations and workshops.

This event involves the nexus between science, arts, culture, and activist discourse focused on environmentalism. ERTHWRX24 will bring together community, scientists and artists.

Panel topics include:

  • Indigenous perspectives on land stewardship
  • Biodiversity conservation and sustainable living practices
  • Global wildlife disease
  • Soil management and health
  • Renewable technologies and circular economies
  • Land and water sustainability
  • Ocean micro-plastic research
  • Bio-fuel technology 
  • Ayurvedic medicine

 Panels, exhibitions, workshops and performances will be site specific at The Corridor Project. The following weekend they will be at the MICRO gallery Cowra.

Industry Panels

Panel 1:

Moderator: Emma Hudson

Panellists: Matthew Carney ABC; Dylan Gower - CLEAN Cowra; Lisa Blair solo sailor and climate activist;Andrew Peters - Wildlife Disease Association; Aleshia Lonsdale - TCP Director of First Nation

Panel 2:

Moderator: Emma Hudson.

Panellists: Dr Mark Temple monocular biologist; Luke Beange - DPIE Soils coordinator Central West; Jessica Rascke artist; poet, Emma Elizabeth - Ayurvedic medicine

Panel 3:

Moderator: Phoebe Cowdery

Artists discussion: Peachy and Mosig; Sammy Hawker; Angus Fisher; Ira Ferris; Ken Hutchison  


Jessica Rascke; Cave Urban + Community; Angus Fisher; Genevieve Carroll; Bill Moseley; Aleshia Lonsdale; Peachy and Mosig; Sammy Hawker; Brenda Stace; Linda Chant, Ken Hutchison; Heather Vallance; Matt O’Brien; Steven Cavanagh; Rebecca Dowling; Jaq Davies; Harriet Goodall; Ira Ferris; Emma Davies; Amy Clarke; John Daly    



The CORRIDOR project 

Orange Cowra Cabonne Science Hub

Cowra Micro Gallery


Commonwealth National Science Week Grants Inspiring Australia NSW


Location Information

Limited wheelchair accessibility please contact us 0413 910 697