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Discovering our Species

  • - (AWST)
  • Nyabing Primary School
    1 Hobley Street, Nyabing WA 6341, Australia

Our Science Week Event will run for a full school day and involve Pre-Primary- Year 6 students.

The day will begin with a whole school presentation on local flora and fauna species by a local enthusiast. Students will learn about some of our special species found in our area including the Red-Tailed Phascogale, Mallee Fowl, Echidnas and orchids such as Spider Orchids, Cowlips and the rare Williams Spider orchid.

Following this, students will be partnered (younger student with senior student) and will complete a biodiversity count so that they can get to know more about their local area. They will count plant specimens, insects and animals and then share as a whole group. Data will be presented using a table and then graphed as a whole school. This will give us a snapshot of some of the species in our school environment.

In the afternoon, parents and grandparents, will be invited to participate inSTEM based activities. Students will design and build bug hotels using a range of natural and cardboard materials. As a group we will also build a phascogalebox for the Red-Tailed Phascogale to be kept on the school site. Another activity will be creating a model of one of our special species out of modelling clay. These will be presented in the science room so that students can continue to learn about our local species. Students will then create a diorama to show where their species belongs in our local area.