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ChangeMAKERS Challenge

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  • Hendon Primary School
    Cedar Avenue, Royal Park SA 5014, Australia

During specialist science lessons in Science Week, all F-6 students will participate in the ‘ChangeMAKERS Challenge’ to design a feature to be placed in our school Kaurna Garden that will improve the physical conditions and/or positively impact on the flora and fauna within the space.

Junior students will conduct tests on materials to determine their suitability for use in the physical conditions of the garden.

Upper students will construct cardboard prototypes of features such as nesting boxes, bird feeders, worm farms, propagation tables, solar powered watering systems etc.

The Challenge will be an integral part of our ‘Kaurna Garden Revitalisation Project’ and will allow students to recognise the power of scientific knowledge on decision-making and have a practical opportunity to drive change through personal action.

The Makedo kits, purchased with funds from the National Science Week grant, will enable the students to build sustainable prototypes, removing the need for non-compostable and non-recyclable adhesives such as sticky tape and hot glue. At the completion of the project, students will be able to dismantle the prototypes and reuse, recycle or compost the cardboard.

We will share our project, inspiring our local community to consider adapting their own yards and verges to increase biodiversity beyond the scope of our schoolyard.