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Budawang School - Garden Science Open Day

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  • Budawang School
    17 Croobyar Road, Milton NSW 2538, Australia

On this day, Budawang School will be open to parents, carers and friends to join with the students to replant a native seedling. Each student will experience planting their own seedling and watch it grow over time. Plants will be chosen for their suitability for the local area and provide each student with the opportunity to continue caring for the plant.

Planting stations, accessible to all students, will be set up with the tools and materials for students to replant their seedling. Students will be assisted by staff, enabling them to participate fully.

In the planting of the seedlings, students will be exploring the uses of soil and water needed in the process. Students will be pouring and mixing these materials. They can observe the properties of liquids and solids as they pour water into the soil and see it seep through the soil into the saucer. Students will manipulate the plant pressing the delicate roots into the soil.


Students will complete learning activities in the classroom as they observe the growth and development of the plant and birds and insects it attracts. Learning activities will include collecting data on the growth of the plant, observation of any mini beasts inhabiting the plants, along with determining the best growing conditions for the plant.