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Bringing STEM to Kids in Hospital

  • (ACST)
  • Inventor Kids at the Womens and Childrens Hospital
    72 King WIlliam Road, North Adelaide SA 5006, Australia

Inventor Kids will visit the Women's and Children's Hospital to run a STEM experience for kids in the hospital. It will be for primary school-aged children receiving hospital care. We will
bring robots to practice coding, robotics and engineering activities.

These are fun and interactive activities where children will be actively designing paths for robots to follow and programming them to do tasks. We will run an interactive STEM workshop for children who can physically come to the room and we will also visit wards for children and bring these robots to their bedside.

Think of this like the ‘Clown Doctors’ who visit the hospital to bring laughter and fun to the children. This event is the STEM equivalent!