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Bee-3D: Bee the change you want to see

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  • - (AEST)
  • The Sycamore School
    Block f/29 Windemere Road, Alexandra Hills QLD 4161, Australia

BEE-3D empowers students to assist bee populations and grasp their crucial role in sustainability. Collaborating with Bayside Beekeepers conservation groups, students explore bees' significance as pollinators. They then craft LEGO bee models representing local bee population challenges. Following this, students design 3D-printed structures such as flowerpots and nesting boxes to support bee habitats. These structures are placed in a wildflower planter box to enhance bee resources and biodiversity. By utilising cameras, students track bee activity, analysing gathered data for valuable insights.

BEE-3D encourages student engagement, nurturing creativity, and environmental consciousness. Through the utilisation of 3D printing and technology, students actively contribute to bee habitat preservation, instigating sustainable transformations within their community.

Furthermore, BEE-3D facilitates STEM learning by merging 3D printing, technology, and environmental science. Students acquire practical knowledge in biology, ecology, and conservation, deepening their comprehension of scientific principles. The integration of technology fosters digital proficiency and computational thinking skills. Collaborative endeavors foster teamwork and communication proficiencies, preparing students for future STEM occupations.