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Otways Ecological Research Forum

  • - (AEST)
  • Colac Otway Performing Arts and Cultural Centre (COPACC)
    95-97 Gellibrand Street, Colac VIC 3250, Australia

All science needs to be collaborative.  But in ecology, we take our lead from the ecosystem we study. Where all components of the natural environment interlink and contribute to each other's survival.  Ecological research and conservation science are key to mitigating the biodiversity crisis that Australia is currently facing. We'll only do it by taking the whole community with us.

 Our landscapes need Traditional Owners and biocultural knowledge-holders. We need our scientists and research communicators. Our public land managers and agencies. Private land stewards, and community biophiles. We need all the above to be working together like never before.

 To do this, we need timely, accessible, and generous sharing of information.  The Otways is a rugged patchwork of gorgeously lush land tenures and people with competing visions. We’ve devised the perfect place to bring all the eco-activity together to be digested, discussed and celebrated.  It’s the Otway Ecological Research Forum!

 The Otway Ecological Research Forum established in 2016 by the Conservation Ecology Centre. The forum was created due to frustration with the barriers to freely sharing ideas, energy and resources. Since then, it has grown considerably. It provides a unique scientific collaboration and communication opportunity for individuals who share the same passion for a landscape.

 In 2024, we’re pleased to pair with National Science Week to reach further into the community. We are highlighting this model of landscape-scale generosity and connection to the rest of the country.  Please feel welcome to join us for this year’s Otway Ecological Research Forum. Where you’ll learn about all the fascinating, brave, and wind-swept science that is being undertaken in and around the Otway Ranges. All for the benefit of our extraordinary wildlife and landscapes.  

Location Information

Street parking available and V-Line train services to Colac from Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and Warrnambool.