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RiAus – Royal Institution of Australia

RiAus has a passion for sharing the wonders of science.

Their aim is to inspire scientific interest and curiosity and to encourage public participation in a range of critical science issues that affect our daily lives. From forums, debates and presentations to art exhibitions, theatre, film and literature, RiAus also shares science in the online world by livestreaming events and creating videos and ‘scinamations’ to engage and excite people to discover more.

The FutureSpace Gallery at RiAus is the only dedicated art-science gallery in Australia. It showcases the links between science and the visual arts, with exhibitions held throughout the year.

The RiAus History Room provides links to our scientific past, with the current exhibition celebrating the lives of the Braggs, the first father and son Nobel Laureates, for their work on x-ray crystallography.

Photo: Bahadhara (CC SA 3.0)