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Parkes Radio Telescope Visitors Centre

The Astronomy and Space Science Exhibition

This modern exhibition takes you on a journey exploring the highlights of the telescope’s rich history.

Starting as an idea in the 1950s, see how the Parkes Radio Telescope has matured into a world leading research facility. This exhibition is designed to answer your questions about the telescope and its operation, but leave you pondering some of the big questions like: how big is the Universe and what is the Universe made of?

You can also:

  • marvel at the engineering beauty of The Dish up close in our viewing area;
  • explore the telescope’s achievements in our Astronomy and Space Science Exhibition;
  • discover the Universe in our high definition 3D theatre;
  • taste the delights of the region in our award winning Dish Café; and
  • relax after a long drive in our astronomy garden and picnic area.

The Astronomy and Space Science exhibition is free.

Photo: Ian Sutton (CC BY 2.0)