Located on the edge of the spectacular Solitary Islands Marine Park in sub-tropical Coffs Harbour, the National Marine Science Centre is one of the world’s best situated facilities for studying coastal and marine habitats and their inhabitants.

Scientists at the Centre excel in research in key global issues such as food security and the impacts of humans at local, regional, national and international levels.

Expertise in disciplines including marine biodiversity and ecology, aquaculture, estuarine and coastal processes, and coastal management provide a diverse base for teaching and research projects on conservation and sustainability of marine environments that are affected by increasing urbanisation and climate change.

The National Marine Science Centre, a teaching and research facility of Southern Cross University, is focusing not only on addressing these key sustainability issues here and now, but also ensuring that Australia’s capacity to deal with them into the future is enhanced by training a new generation of suitably equipped marine scientists.

With education programs starting at the primary-school level and culminating in research doctorates, the Centre is committed to a pivotal role in providing high-quality education across the whole community.

The National Marine Science Centre is also home to the Solitary Islands Aquarium allowing visitors to encounter animals and habitats from the Solitary Islands Marine Park.  

The aquarium is open to the public every Saturday and Sunday and everyday during the NSW school holidays from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.