The Museum of Tropical Queensland explores the natural and cultural history of North Queensland.

The  Discover Tropical Queensland gallery displays the rich biodiversity of Queensland, both now and in prehistoric times. Find out about the myriad of insects and other animals that live in the tropics. See the amazing array of hard corals from the Great Barrier Reef. Experience the rich biodiversity of a North Queensland tropical rainforest in the Enchanted Rainforest.

Other permanent exhibitions include the Pandora, which tells the tragic story of the chase, capture and plight of the mutinous crew of HMS Bounty that the Pandora was sent to find. The exhibition features a full size cutaway replica of the bow of the Pandora, and many artefacts that the Museum has recovered from the wreck, which is about 140 km off the coast of Cape York. In Your Shipwreck Adventure you can become a maritime archaeologist and search for artefacts, or explore the marine life that colonises a shipwreck.

The Museum is on the banks of Ross Creek in the heart of Townsville and is open daily from 9.30 am – 5.00 pm (except 25 December and Easter Monday). Admission fees apply.

Photo: Stephen Wilson (CC BY-SA 3.0).