Botanic gardens have shaped civilisation using the value of plants and provide insights into the natural world. Beginning a place for growing plants for medicinal use, botanic gardens evolved to become scientific and collections based institutions where plants were classified and an understanding of their purpose was discovered.

At the Adelaide Botanic Garden, discover the healing powers of plants in the Garden of Health. Learn how plants have shaped the world we know today at the Santos Museum of Economic Botany. Learn about water-tolerant plants in the SA Water Mediterranean Garden and the Australian Native Garden. Consider how plants have adapted overtime to survive in the harshest of climates at the Cactus and Succulent Display. View the exotic Victoria amazonica in the glass Amazon Waterlily Pavilion and walk through a sub-tropical rainforest in the Bicentennial Conservatory.

The South Australian Seed Conservation Centre is located at Adelaide Botanic Garden, and was established to help safeguard our flora against extinction by taking seed collections from species at risk for entry into our conservation seed bank.

There are two virtual tours available through the My Parx app for your iPhone or Android phone. These tours will not only take you to the highlights of the Garden, but will also give you historical backgrounds and scientific information about the highlight.