CSIRO’s Spectacular Science Show

  • by Tasmania
  • 11 September, 2012
CSIRO’s Spectacular Science Show

Surrounded by Science!

a science show presenter squirting chemical into a flame to make a colourful fireballScience is all around us, and this was demonstrated with zaps, pops and fizzes as CSIRO Education put on their Spectacular Science Show at the local LINCs (community libraries) during national Science Week.

There was fire, explosions and flying pie dishes as Education Officers Sonia and Ben performed exciting experiments about energy, chemicals and electricity. Everyone found out the answers to questions such as ‘when I rub a balloon on my hair, why does it stick?’ and ‘how can we make different coloured fireworks?’

 a small girl reluctantly touching a van der GraafThe static electricity machine or ‘Van der Graaf generator’ was a hit, generating sparks of lightning, causing confetti to fly through the room and even literally raising the hair of one brave young volunteer.

The venue was overflowing with visitors and their families who also had the chance to explore pre-show hands-on science activities and even construct and take home their very own mini catapult.

A boy with a water balloon about to burst above his headCSIRO Education is dedicated to improving appreciation and understanding of science in the community. They run many programs in schools, as well as the Double Helix science club for kids. Join Double Helix or find out more.

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Guest post by Belinda B from CSIRO Education Tasmania.

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