Council media support

  • by Tanya Ha
  • 29 April, 2024
Council media support

Support and promote local National Science Week events and help raise the profile of science and innovation within your local community.

Find a local event

  • Event holders register their events on the National Science Week website. As we get close to the date, hundreds of events and activities become listed here, with more registered each day. Visit the ‘Find an event’ section, click on the Map tab and zoom in to your region. Alternatively, you can search by postcode.
  • The National Science Week website lists the contact details of event organisers. Feel free to approach them to see how you can get involved at a physical event.

Issue a media release

  • If your council, mayor or councillors would like to be a voice for National Science Week in your local media and encourage your constituents to get involved, we’ve provided a media release template (153kB, .docx) that you can adapt with local information, along with an example (163kB, .pdf) of how it could be adapted.
  • Use the opportunity to highlight and celebrate local scientists, top science students and innovative companies applying science and technology.
  • Feel free to use the National Science Week letterhead or drop the logo into your own letterhead. Logos and graphics can be downloaded via:

Supporting National Science Week on social media

  • Consider tweeting during National Science Week about local events, science activities in schools and/or local industry or businesses that rely on science, technology, engineering or mathematical skills. Please use the hashtag #ScienceWeek and/or the official handle @Aus_ScienceWeek.
  • Also consider posting or sharing stories, photos and event information on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • Consider changing your social media profile pictures or avatars to one of the Science Week characters. Logos and graphics can be downloaded from the website at:
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