Challenge yourself during Enviroweek

  • by National Office
  • 2 August, 2013
Challenge yourself during Enviroweek

Students with Enviro Week certificatesEnviroweek is a week of action when Australian students take on a green challenge to create good habits for a healthy planet. Enviroweek runs from 25 – 31 August 2013 and students all around the country are invited to participate.

To join Enviroweek, simply go online, choose a challenge, sign up and take action.

There are fun challenges for everyone  – Foodie, Shopper, Waste Warrior, Green Thumb, Water Lover, Tree Hugger, Sparky and Traveller.

Sign up as an individual, class or school and see how much much of  difference you can make.

More than 115 000 students joined Enviroweek in 2012, saving 18 331 t CO2-E (Carbon Dioxide Equivalent).

Join the thousands of students creating good habits for life in 2013.

Real-life learning

Through Enviroweek students experience that positive action counts.

Enviroweek challenges show how much carbon dioxide (black balloons), water (bathtubs), land (bedrooms) and money (dollar signs) are saved through the action – for the week and, if kept up, for the year.

Why schools join in

Enviroweek is an opportunity to celebrate existing environmental projects, reinvigorate lapsed projects and get new ones underway.

Schools use Enviroweek to raise their environmental leadership profile and engage the whole school in sustainability programs.

There are also prizes worth more than $35 000 for schools, classes and students. Everyone who participates receives a certificate.

Free on-line education resources

Enviroweek is organised by Cool Australia, an innovative not-for-profit focused on educating young Australians for a sustainable future.

Cool Australia provides free award-winning online curriculum-linked education resources to teachers and students.

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Cool Australia free education resources:

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