Brain Break, Antarctica

  • by Tasmania
  • 26 August, 2014
Brain Break, Antarctica

AAD Brain BreakDown at Casey station – that’s Antarctica you see – there is a lady who just loves rocks. Small rocks, brown rocks, it doesn’t really matter. To Station Leader Ali, geology is a passion she just had to share with her fellow expeditioners.

For National Science Week, Casey station held a Brain Break morning tea with a focus on learning about a significant part of our lives that we almost always take for granted: the humble rock.

Brain Breaks are all about bringing science into your home, your workplace, your school – anywhere! And in Antarctica, there really isn’t anywhere to escape – a true CAPTIVE audience. (People who frequent the movies will get this joke.)

Not only did expeditioners enjoy the hard work Ali put into her presentation, the chef also cooked up an explosive treat! Please enjoy these photos, sent via WiFi (Thanks, CSIRO!) all the way from Antarctica.

A chef preparing a model volcanoClose up of model volcano

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